With the 2017-18 season complete, 32-year-old Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals were finally able to win the Stanley Cup. Ovechkin is now off the list of NHL veterans over 30 who have yet to win a championship. For many of the veterans on this

An NHL fan would have to be heartless to not feel the slightest ounce of happiness after watching Alex Ovechkin, T.J. Oshie, and the rest of the Washington Capitals win the Stanley Cup this spring. The Caps have been notorious for chocking in the playoffs over the previous decade.

They had won the President’s Trophy three times during the last ten

It’s been over a week now, but let’s be honest, it’s not like much else is going on so might as well look back over the Capitals outstanding run in the playoffs. I’m pretty sure I called the series going 5 games and it feels good to be right. The small

After a couple of quiet years when it comes to available forwards in the free agency market, this offseason promises at least one superstar that has a high likelihood of moving as well as numerous other serviceable forwards.

With the amount of Stanley Cup contenders only growing by the season, these players could prove to be the difference between

The Vegas Golden Knights’ amazing season has brought them to the Stanley Cup Finals where they battle another franchise looking for its first stanley cup in the Washington Capitals.

Vegas is the first expansion team to be in the cup finals since 1968 when the St. Louis Blues made it, though the Blues did have an advantage.

The 2018 Stanley Cup Final has just kicked off! This year’s finals matchup brings a very interesting storyline. The expansion Vegas Golden Knights dubbed, “The Golden Misfits,” were, at one point, 500 to 1 odds to win the Stanley Cup.

Hopefully by now you’re accustomed to my work so I will spare you a long intro. It’s only a matter of time before I mention the lone flower in the desert anyways and the choices are somewhat obvious to me – so let’s jump in.

Marc-Andre Fleury – 12 wins, 1.68 GAA, .947 SVP – 1st in our Hearts

This one shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s probably not

Washington Capitals vs. Vegas Golden Knights

Did anybody bet on this at the start of the playoffs?

If you say yes, I call bullshit.

Most of us had the Penguins continuing their dominance against the Capitals in the east, and a more experienced team like the Jets or Predators come out of the west. But both of the teams who are in the Stanley

There were a few unfamiliar teams in the NHL playoffs this season including the New Jersey Devils, who have not qualified for the playoffs during the previous five seasons, and the Colorado Avalanche, who have not appeared in the playoffs over the last three seasons. On the contrary, there were teams such as the Chicago Blackhawks, St. Louis Blues,

The 2017-18 NHL regular season was filled with excitement throughout the whole year. Fans witnessed the brilliance of Alex Ovechkin being one goal away from reaching the 50 goal plateau once again in his illustrious 13 year career. Supporters of the Vegas Golden Knights cheered on 25 year-old William Karlsson, who had a remarkable 78 point season

The second round of the playoffs are almost done with many players having strong performances for their teams. As usual, superstars like Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin have continued playing well, going from the regular season into the playoffs. Former Sioux City Musketeer (USHL) standout, Jake Guentzel

The NHL reached its 100th birthday last season, but this year of play marks the 100th active season due to the 2004-05 lockout. And what a season it has been. While an expansion team stole most of the headlines throughout the season by winning its division, we’ve also been blessed by what could be the start of a dynasty in Nashville, resurgent years

The first round of the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs are finished with 8 teams being eliminated. Teams like the Colorado Avalanche and the Toronto Maple Leafs hope to build on the success they had in the 2017-2018 campaign. While the

The second-round of the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs started so quickly that there was hardly any time to reflect on the results of the first-round. There were several good teams that were eliminated much sooner than they anticipated this year. We are going to look at three of those teams that were eliminated in the first-round but will be back in the playoffs

It’s too easy to make fun of the NHL a little bit by pointing out the huge gap between the East and the West, and just how long of a break the teams out West got so I’ll avoid that all together. Instead, we look forward to the amazing matchups that are in store for us in the second round. If only more series went the distance as we saw last night, however

Although some teams are still in the midst of the first-round of playoffs, the Vegas Golden Knights forced the Los Angeles Kings to get their golf clubs out early. The Knights swept the Kings in the franchise’s first ever playoff series. They have proved that they are a legitimate contender for the Stanley Cup this year and will not be an easy out for

NHL fans are enjoying their favorite time of the year, as the Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing. Although, it’s still early in the grind, coaches, teammates, and fans hope the following three players can continue their strong play throughout the playoffs. “The Bread Man”, Artemi Panarin has helped his Columbus Blue Jackets team pick up two huge

The most anticipated part of the NHL season begins on Wednesday as the first round of Stanley Cup playoffs begin. There are only 16 teams who still have a chance to hoist Lord Stanley in June. The following three teams are the hottest in the NHL heading into the postseason who will pose a tough first-round matchup for their opponents.

1. Winnipeg

This award always sparks a lot of debate. The NHL season is almost over, so it becomes less of a debate and more about trying to figure out what voters value more. What’s worth more - a better GAA? Better save percentage? Or are wins the underlying factor as to who should be crowned king of the goaltending world for that year?

You can also make the

The last full month of the regular season ended with two teams, the New Jersey Devils and Columbus Blue Jackets, picking up key points in their playoff hunt, while another team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, clinched a playoff spot for the 12th year in a row. For Devils, the hope is that Taylor Hall continues to stay on fire as they try to hold onto the

With the NHL season ending April 8th, Western Conference teams are jockeying for final playoff positions. Three teams that have been playing well in the month of March include the Colorado Avalanche, Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues.

Colorado Avalanche - Wiser Rank: 22

First things first, the Colorado Avalanche

The Stanley Cup playoffs are right around the corner. Not only do the playoffs create historic moments in hockey history, but the level of play significantly increases from the regular season. Each stride, hit, and goal more impactful than the last. Players often play through injury and heartache to have a chance to achieve hockey’s greatest accomplishment.

With just a handful of games remaining in the NHL season, some teams have been eliminated from the playoff race while others are in a dog fight for home-ice advantage or to clinch the division. As the season’s end inches closer, anticipation grows for who will win the sought after the Hart Memorial Trophy. This trophy is annually awarded to the player

The Hart Trophy is given every year to the NHL MVP as decided by media voting. While it’s typically gone to forwards, it’s not unheard of to have goalies or even defensemen win the award, and, in fact, you’ll find a goaltender on this list. While this year doesn’t have a breakaway outstanding goalie or defensemen, there is plenty of talent up front

As the games wind down and the buzz grows in the cities that will be lucky enough to participate in the wonderful NHL postseason, the time also comes to look at individual players who have had notable seasons. Most players do not hesitate to credit others (i.e. teammates, coaches, family, etc.) for their success, however, the NHL Awards is that one

The title somewhat says it all and there is a lot of content this time around, so I won’t bore you with the usual anecdotes and clever word plays. We are just under a month away from the best time of the year, hockey wise, and we thought it would be appropriate to predict the teams and matchups

It took 22 years for Ray Bourque, one of the most decorated defensemen in the history of the NHL, to get his first Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche in 2001, and he’s not the only player that’s had to wait an eternity before spending a summer with Stanley. Other names such as Dave Andreychuk, 23 years of waiting, Steve Yzerman, 13 years, and Alex

With the NHL trade deadline in the rearview mirror, teams must now focus on the part of the season that matters most – the playoffs. There were several major transactions that occurred between the “buyers” and “sellers” over the past week, some being more expected than others. After the dust settled, there are three teams that I foresee contending even

With all the predictions around trade deadline resolved, I wanted to take a look back and thought it would be best to reminisce. After all, the past is one of the best predictors of the future, right?

It was an interesting February. Doesn’t it feel like it’s always the same players getting traded? We finally know where Matt Duchene landed, turns out

With goals hard enough to come by as it is, being able to convert on the man-advantage can be crucial to winning close games. Especially as we get closer to the playoffs, opportunities will be at a premium, and top-tier teams such as the winner of the last two Stanley

As the trade deadline approaches each year, there is always speculation on where some of the league’s top talent may be traded to. The Islanders’ lack of competitiveness throughout John Tavares’ career and his expiring contract have put him at the center of trade rumour discussions. Though it’s anyone’s guess as to where he will end up, here are the

Aside from the playoffs, the trade deadline is often one of the most exciting times of the NHL season. Teams typically fall into two categories; buyers or sellers, with each party coming to the table with almost exact opposite objectives. Either way, the wheeling and dealing that the GMs undertake as part of this process keeps all fans and analysts

The NHL All Star Game has come and gone, unofficially marking the halfway point of the 2017/2018 season. Down the stretch (say, near the trade deadline) there may be significant roster moves that could change the landscape of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. We look at four intriguing names that could be on the move:

*Note: players are ranked based on

With the rise of analytics in the NHL, the importance of creating shots and scoring chances has skyrocketed. The reason being, those two metrics usually indicate that a team has possession in dangerous areas of the ice, which generally leads to more goals. Given the number of individual player tracking systems now available, we no longer only have insight

Every organization’s scouting team strives to draft the next generational talent that will become a franchise player in the NHL. As you will see from this article, a few quality years and the scouts start patting themselves on the back. However, things in the NHL can change quite quickly and, as these players came to realize, being the face, or potential

Ever hear the expression – “If ifs and buts were candies and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas”? I’m sure that my grandmother was not the only one out there that would repeat that when I whined or made excuses as a little kid. Well, that’s kind of how I feel about the Olympics this year. There are so many factors in play and I brought up a few in

In showing some signs of greatness during their careers, players are usually able to sign contracts that contain multiple dollar signs. This was exactly the case for the below players, but in combination with their increasing age, their performance has dropped since those deals were inked. As next year’s free agency approaches, it seems quite likely

The talent level in the league is arguably at an all-time high right now, and nowhere is this more evident than at the goaltending position. We’ve come a long way from when teams would employ only one goalie for the course of a season, and this year, many backups are making a strong case for a starting job. Here are five that you might want to pick

It’s that time of year where the New Year resolutions have been written and people are looking ahead to a fresh slate in 2018. For an NHL player, it is no different. While some players’ resolutions will be to continue their successful performance from the first half of the season, others will look to turn the page on what would mostly be chalked up

Let’s face it. You’ve probably already started to brag about your amazing draft selections or are on the verge of throwing in the towel, depending on how the first half has gone. It’s the nature of our sport and if you aren’t prepared for the roller coaster ride, then you may want to try something different. Every year, there are certain things you

Aside from goaltenders, centermen have arguably the most responsibility on the ice. They are relied on to win faceoffs and gain puck possession, support defensemen in defensive zone battles, and help contribute with the offensive production. Some teams have done a good job bringing in talent while others have molded their centers from within the organization.

This offseason was quite a busy one, besides the usual hype that exists around the NHL Entry Draft and Free Agent Frenzy, the addition of the Expansion Draft had everyone in the hockey world glued to their screens. While this generated much more excitement for the fans, it added pressure to the GMs as it was another event that would likely be heavily

The summer is always filled with the anticipation of new signings, and while this past summer’s crop of unrestricted free agents was not as sought-after as previous years, it has still yielded some good production early in the season. While a lot of the free agents have made a mark on their new teams, this list highlights those that have made the biggest

The trophy is named after the first President of the NHL, Frank Calder, and it makes sense that it should be bestowed upon somebody doing something well for the first time. It’s an exciting trophy because we get a first look into the future of the NHL. Past winners of the award include Auston Matthews, Artemi Panarin, and Patrick Kane in 07-08. A little

Built with a strong, young core of players, these three teams came into this NHL season with big expectations. While they all are in somewhat different stages of their respective franchise’s cycle, the teams share a common trend; the inability to convert scoring opportunities into goals and goals into wins. The reason for each is slightly different,

As fans there’s nothing we love more than watching a high-intensity, back-and-forth game go the distance and into overtime. The three-on-three action leaves us on the edge of our seats, biting our nails, primed for celebration. But a player’s attitude to the sound of the final buzzer in a tied match is met with a different temperament. It’s fair to

Last week, we looked at the three hottest power plays in the NHL so let’s continue on that topic but instead analyze three teams whose power plays have suffered from disappointing starts to the 2017-18 campaign.

Buffalo Sabres - 29th

Jack Eichel and the Buffalo

How has your fantasy hockey season begun so far? Every year, experts try to predict who will succeed and who will fall short of expectations. Yes, I know, you can put me on that list too. Before the season started, we gave readers a great product to get ready for their drafts (all you needed to do was sign up for our wonderful newsletter).

An opportunistic power play can propel a team’s offense tremendously. Because NHL power play units are filled with world-class players, taking a lot of penalties in a game will usually prove to be costly. However, some teams have units that have been more lethal than others. This article is going to analyze the three deadliest power play units in the

Defense wins championships, and the below teams hold the three stingiest defensive corps in the league this year. While their teams may not be performing as well as they would want in the standings, the fans certainly can’t blame the defense for any shortcomings. The list also attempts to minimize, as much as possible, the effect of goaltending to instead

A top line of an NHL team is expected to carry a lot of weight when it comes to offensive production. They are typically composed of the most skilled players on their respective teams. While the top lines don’t always stay in tact at all times, playing like some of the trios below have will certainly help their cause to stay together. This article is

Team Analysis – Tampa Bay Lightning (Wiser Rank: 7)

It seems appropriate that the team to catch “lightning in a bottle” is in fact the Tampa Bay Lightning. While the term fits, I use it very specifically because it perfectly describes their season to date. The duo

Similar to the results we talked about in our previous post, few, if anybody, would have picked these three teams to be at or near the top of their respective conferences before the season. But three weeks into the regular season, the trio are sitting in that

The NHL season is well underway and there are a few surprises at the bottom of the standings. Despite their success during the 2016-17 season, the below teams now find themselves in the cellar to start the season and need to a spark to help them turn things around.

1. Montreal Canadiens – Wiser Rank: 29th


For every Batman, there’s a Robin, for every Woody, there’s a Buzz, for every Jackie Chan, there’s a Chris Tucker, and that’s no different in the NHL. Sometimes, you find a good match - like peanut butter and jelly and just stick to it. These next five duos combined for impressive point totals last season and led the way in scoring for their respective

It is only a week into the 2017-18 NHL season, and we’ve already seen many surprises around the league. The Vegas Golden Knights and New Jersey Devils both started the season 4-0 when many experts in the sports betting world believed they would both be near the basement of the NHL standings.

Another surprise

You know what they say; “Offense wins games, but defense wins championship”. Though none of the below goalies were actual “champions” last year, all of them put up strong statistics, helped their teams achieve success (both in the regular season and playoffs), and were

What better way to kick off the NHL Regular Season than to give you our predictions for each division in the NHL!

I’ve dug through every minute of tape from the pre-season to give you the most accurate answers… just kidding, does anybody really watch the pre-season? While it does mean that we get some professional hockey back in our lives, the pre-season

The 2017-2018 NHL season is finaly here! We are now able to indulge in the fast-paced, hard-hitting action once again. But how long will your team be playing for this season? April, May or June? Here’s what they need to get over their respective hump.

Montreal Canadiens

Centre. Centre. Centre. Montreal’s biggest acquisition

The Blackhawks’ offseason arrived much quicker than most Chicagoans expected, as the Western Conference’s top seed got swept out of the first round of the playoffs by the eventual surprise Stanley Cup finalist Nashville Predators.

It wasn’t a surprise

Your search is over.

In connection with the Wiser Fans Fantasy ToolKit (if you haven’t downloaded a copy, you’re missing out!), we have decided to provide a gameplan on how to start your very own keeper league.

Think of it like the start of a wonderful journey to destroying a ring, finding Horcruxes or to eventually sitting on the Iron Throne. Except,

The 2017 calendar has flipped to September, which means we are on the brink of a new NHL season; and a new season means new beginnings.

Well, at least the below players hope so!

Here at Wiser Fans, we look at four players that desperately need a bounce back season for their respective teams.

1. Matt Duchene, Colorado Avalanche

2016-2017 Statistics:

Hockey is a team sport, but the skill and abilities of the individual players has a significant impact on the overall success of the team. Not only do talented athletes help drive teams up the standings in points, they also have a ripple effect on the players around them, particularly their linemates.

By no means are we looking to discredit the individual

Before we begin, it’s important to tell you right off the bat that this article is not just another article praising Kyle Connor, Dylan Strome, or Joshua Ho-Sang.

The Stanley Cup is arguably the hardest trophy to win in major sports. Sixteen teams compete to be the first to sixteen wins through four vigorous rounds of playoff hockey and claim the honour of hoisting the cup. Here at Wiser Fans, we look at four teams that should have won the Stanley Cup in their respective years (proving just how good you must

This is the final part of our mini-series on the most underpaid NHL players. We have already looked at the most underpaid forwards and defensemen but there is one final piece to the

I don’t know about you, but as we get closer and closer to September, I am getting more and more excited for the NHL season. Most fans have home town teams to cheer for or others may have adopted a favorite team for whatever reason, regardless there is little doubt that the upcoming NHL season promises to be exciting. Maybe not as much if you’re a Devils

Everybody loves a good bargain right? We love purchasing something for less than its face value. It feels good knowing that your money is going the extra distance. Well, the NHL is no different. There’s nothing that satisfies a GM more than knowing that the player he signed is performing well above his pay grade. After looking at the [most underpaid

The debate about the amount of money professional athletes earn has been going on for a long time, and I don’t intend to end that debate in this article. What I intend to do is to break it down and help you make an informed decision on what you choose to believe. Ultimately, two general views exist. The first being that a player’s salary is derived

There are two types of players in the NHL: those that over deliver and those that under deliver. After writing about the top overpaid forwards, defenseman, and goalies

The NHL is loaded with players who have unbelievable talent but hitting the 50 point mark isn’t an easy task. Here are 5 players that have flirted with that mark but have the skillsets and potential to become major producers for their teams next season, meaning they should easily hit 50 points.

1. Artem Anisimov – Chicago Blackhawks


The final part of the mini-series of the most overpaid players in the NHL will focus on arguably the most important position in hockey, goaltenders. It can be difficult to compare goalies due to the numerous statistical categories that are used when comparing them; however, I am going to look at three goaltenders who are getting too much money.


After all the Canadian teams failed to make the playoffs in 2015-2016, five of seven teams found themselves in the postseason in 2017. Things are looking up for the clubs north of the border as several of them can expect significant growth from their young rosters and should be quite successful in the coming seasons. But which team will bring the Cup

This is part two of the mini-series of the most overpaid players in the NHL. While part one looked at the most overpaid forwards in the NHL, this time we look at the defensemen in the NHL whose paychecks don’t necessarily match their their productivity. While productivity

We are already quickly approaching the start of the 2017-2018 NHL season. Here in mid-summer, we’ve experienced big signings and some ground-breaking trades. Wiser Fans looks at the three teams that have improved most so far during this off-season.

Dallas Stars

One season after notching 109 points, including 50

If you are ever in Dallas, you have probably craved a cold beverage at some point. In a city that only ever drops below freezing for roughly ten nights of the year. With the rest of the year reaching temperatures up to 100 degrees, it only makes sense that the 7-eleven franchise was started there with introduction

It’s that time of year when the NHL is buzzing with the signing of free agents, contract extensions, and blockbuster trade deals. Two superstar players, Connor McDavid and Carey Price,

While Canada was busy celebrating it’s 150th birthday on Saturday, NHL GMs, players, and agents were busy negotiating contracts, discussing term and hammering out salaries. The day circled on many calendars around the NHL is known as “Free Agent Frenzy” because, well, it is exactly that; general managers scrambling in chaos, answering phone calls and

The NHL season officially wrapped up on June 11th with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning their second straight Stanley Cup. With the World Cup ending in late September, the NHL season kicked off a later than usual. But hockey fans were treated to another great year filled with interesting story lines. Here are five than are worth highlighting.


Did you catch everything that happened this past week? At times, it seemed like it was extremely difficult to keep up. As a fan of the NHL, the week was quite a treat as we were exposed to the Expansion Draft and all of the side deals that came with it. Not only that, but the NHL Entry Draft went down over the weekend and I don’t remember seeing so

On Thursday June 15, the Montreal Canadiens traded Mikhail Sergachev and conditional 2018 second-round draft pick to the Tampa Bay Lightning for Jonathan Drouin and a conditional 2018 sixth-round draft pick. This has arguably been the biggest trade of the off-season even

Vegas Golden Knights

Minimum - 14 Forwards, 9 Defensemen, 3 Goalies

See full rules here.

Anaheim Ducks – Logan Shaw (F)

The consensus around the league is that Anaheim will try to keep Vegas away from Josh Manson and Sami Vatanen.

Arizona Coyotes – Alex Burmistrov (F)

Vincent Trocheck - Florida Panthers

At first glance, Vincent Trocheck took a step back last year. He scored 23 goals in a full 82 game season while he put up 25 goals in 76 games the year before. But a closer look at Trocheck’s numbers show a more positive story. The 23 year-old, third round draft pick had 1,755 Corsi For attempts this year, up

If you missed the other parts of this series, here are the predicted protected lists for:

Atlantic Division

Metropolitan Division


The Pittsburgh Penguins are your 2017 Stanley Cup champions for the second year in a row. They become the first team in the salary cap era to win back-to-back cups (since 2005) and the first team to do since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.

Patric Hornqvist scored the game winning and Stanley Cup clinching goal with a 1:35 left in the game,

If you missed the other parts of this series, here are the predicted protected lists for:

Atlantic Division

Metropolitan Division


The Pittsburgh Penguins are now one win away from hoisting their second straight Stanley Cup and becoming the first team to do so since the Detroit Red Wings in 1997 and 1998.

Five games into the Stanley Cup Final and it seems like home ice is playing a bigger role than it previously has throughout the playoffs. Pekka Rinne and Evgeni Malkin both

St. Petersburg, Russia, is probably not very high on anybody’s summer vacation list. It does, however, boast a lot of historical attractions including St. Isaac’s Cathedral, the Church of the Savior on Blood, and Palace Square. I would argue that even with the above attractions and beautiful shore line, the most famous attraction to those on this side

The city of Nashville has treated the hockey world to an incredible atmosphere for games 3 and 4 of the Stanley Cup Final and with another win last night, the city will get to host game 6 as well. NBC sports announced that Monday night’s game in Nashville was the highest-rated Predators game EVER on their networks. Catfish slinging,

Nashville Predators – (13-6)

The Nashville Predators are playing in the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise history. Their exciting team is built and driven by its shut down defense and the stellar goaltending by Pekka Rinne. Rinne has

P.K. Subban’s game three victory guarantee proved right on Saturday night. After giving up the first goal early in the game, Roman Josi scored his 6th of the playoffs five minutes into the second and the Predators never looked back. P.K. Subban ended the night with 3 SOG, 2 PIMS, 1 hit, 25:53 TOI and was a plus one.

The Predators will be looking to

A third period surge by the Penguins pushed them past the Nashville Predators on Wednesday night, giving them a commanding 2-0 series lead.

The Penguins scored three goals early in the third period, including the fourth goal being Malkin’s 9th of the playoffs, eliminating any hope of a comeback. The Predators looked good in the first half of the

Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Nashville Predators is in the books.

The game seemingly started off well for the Predators with an early goal from P.K. Subban. However, the goal was soon after disallowed due to an earlier

The Stanley Cup Finals are finally here and feature an interesting matchup between the Nashville Predators and the Pittsburgh Penguins. From the West, the Predators were an eight-seed with a mediocre regular season turned Cinderella-story playoff run.

Can you feel it? Can you feel the looming fear that in just over two weeks, you will not be able to turn on the TV and watch NHL hockey for 4 months? Cherish these fleeting moments and even if you don’t live in Pittsburgh or Nashville, appreciate the very few games that remain.

It seems like just yesterday that the buzz of a fresh season began and

The 2017 NHL playoffs have been less than predictable to say the least. Let’s be real, all those playoffs brackets you submitted on NHL.com back in April are a wash. Sure, the Penguins were favored early on to make a serious run for the cup, and many may have predicted that the Ducks would be making noise as well, but with the average-at-best regular

Last summer, the Montreal Canadiens and Nashville Predators made a significant trade that sent shockwaves through the entire league. The Canadiens traded P.K. Subban to Nashville in exchange for Shea Weber, a blockbuster trade rarely seen in today’s NHL. Since then, the topic of who emerged victorious of the deal has been debated in the media, as well

Every season, surprises arise as certain players outperform their expectation while others underperform. This year, those that underperformed include some of the NHL’s elite players, and this article will reflect on five of these players’ seasons.


Kris Letang is a star player that had a disappointing season. Letang, however, is not

If you missed the other parts of this series, here are the predicted protected lists for:

Metropolitan Division

Central Division


Two rounds of the 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs are now in the books. Anaheim, Nashville, Ottawa and Pittsburgh are the final four teams left standing. With eight wins a piece, each team is halfway en route to raising Lord Stanley’s Cup. In this article, we look at one player from each team to be selected as the probable winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy.


There are several legends who have had outstanding careers in the NHL but never hoisted the Stanley Cup. Some of these players include Paul Kariya, Pat LaFontaine, Curtis Joseph, and Marcel Dionne. Given how hard it is to win the Cup, there will

The sophomore slump is a common risk that many rookies experience after having outstanding first-year campaigns. It is a very odd phenomenon that occurs in all of sports. Perhaps these players are less impacted by the feeling of playing their first season in the best hockey league in the world, or forget how hard they worked to get those first-year

Anything can happen in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Parity in the National Hockey League has never been more significant. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t clear-cut favourites to win certain series. Here are three underdogs poised to upset in this year’s playoffs:

Nashville Predators

The Chicago Blackhawks are favoured to reach the Stanley Cup

It’s been an exciting NHL regular season, especially for the 16 teams who will now battle for the Stanley Cup. With so many ups and down, hot streaks and cold streaks, and movement in our rankings, we took a closer look at the final teams that ended up in our top 10 heading into the playoffs.

1. Washington Capitals

NHL Standings: 1st


It has become quite easy to link NHL free agency with players being overpaid. However, with so much pressure for GM’s to bring talented players on their rosters, one can argue that no player is ever overpaid, they are simply paid the amount that a team is willing to spend for their services. That is the joy of an open market and one of the reasons that

Colorado Avalanche – (Wiser Rank: 29)

Colorado is in the midst of one of its worst season in franchise history. The team only has a measly 47 points through 79 games this season, which is disappointing by all standards. The team was able to upset the Chicago Blackhawks and St. Louis Blues, finishing the week with a 2-2 record. Prior to the win over

Edmonton Oilers – (Wiser Rank: 16)

June 2006, the Edmonton Oilers find themselves in the Stanley Cup finals with a matchup against the Carolina Hurricanes after an unexpected, yet spirited, playoff run. The Oilers would go on to lose series in a heartbreaking game seven but fans had no idea how much more heartache lay ahead. After 11 years of poor

The Washington Capitals (Wiser Rank: 1) have looked as dominant as ever, utilizing their dynamic structure to pounce on teams throughout the season. They lead the National Hockey league with a 51-17-8 record, for a total of 110 points. Here are five reasons why their success will translate into the Stanley Cup Playoffs:


San Jose Sharks – (Wiser Rank: 2)

San Jose is currently on a six-game losing streak; its longest skid of the year. They went a disappointing 0-4 during their road trip last week. Despite this cold spell, the Sharks are still having a strong season and are currently tied for first in the Pacific division. For the majority of the season, the Sharks

I know the title may surprise a lot of people, considering Laine is leading Matthews in points per game so far this season, but as you’ll see in this article, the little things can often make a difference.

Before we dive deep into the analytics side of the argument, the big story for me is that Laine’s shooting percentage is currently at 18.6%. Some

St. Louis Blues – (Wiser Rank: 5)

The Blues have bounced around the Wiser Rankings quite a bit this year. They held a position in the Top 5 earlier in the year but slid out of the Top 10 for several weeks.Their season has experienced everything from head coaching changes and goalie struggles to untimely injuries

Vancouver Canucks – (Wiser Rank: 28)

The Vancouver Canucks won’t be finding themselves playing meaningful games come April, and you’d be hard fought to find people who expected otherwise. Caught in an awkward, transitional stage within a re-build, the Canucks have been absolutely dreadful this season. After starting the season 4-0-1, they have strung

Pittsburgh Penguins – (Wiser Rank: 3)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are making a strong push for not only the top spot in the Wiser Rankings, but also the top spot in the NHL standings. They currently trail the Washington Capitals by one point in the race for the President’s Trophy, which is awarded to the team with

We at Wiser Fans thought this week was a good opportunity to introduce analytics into your fantasy hockey winning formula. While every fantasy general manager might consider that they have the best strategy or swear that they can predict the future, there are definitely other areas outside goals and assists that could help you out in your playoffs.

Minnesota Wild – (Wiser Rank: 6)

The Minnesota Wild are in a dog fight with the Chicago Blackhawks and San Jose Sharks for the top spot in the Western Conference. Minnesota currently holds the throne with 92 points, but is only 1 point ahead of Chicago and five ahead of San Jose. The Wild have played stellar two-way hockey under the coaching

The Los Angeles Kings won a thriller at the Staples Center last night. In a game that only featured 41 shots (22 by L.A.), the Kings (Wiser Rank: 7) beat the NHL’s number one ranked team, the Washington Capitals. Look out because here come the Kings!

Current Standing

Last night, Adrian Kempe’s first NHL

A Brief History of Analytics in Sports

Long before they were presented as one of the core topics of the Moneyball film released 2011, analytics had been utilized in baseball for many years. In fact, the film is based on Michael Lewis’ book which was published in 2003 and advanced stats had been tracked in the sport for quite some time. Many sports

Columbus Blue Jackets - Wiser Rank: 3

The Columbus Blue Jackets’ claim to fame this season is definitely their 16 game winning streak from November 29th to January 5th, however we may be witnessing the middle of another streak, one that could get Sergei Bobrovsky into the record books. Whenever a goalie is playing that well, it’s always time to

Tampa Bay Lightning - Wiser Rank 13

Less than two week ago we wrote about how the Lightning look like a different team from last year and would need to increase their offensive production to make a push downn the stretch. How quickly things change in the NHL.

Despite the

Calgary Flames – (Wiser Rank: 7)

The Calgary Flames are making a strong push for a wild card spot in the Western Conference. They currently sit in the top wild card position with 76 points, 9 points ahead of the St. Louis Blues. The Flames are on fire (no pun intended) as they are riding a 7-game winning streak and are tied with Chicago for the

The NHL trade deadline has now come and gone. While trades seem to get more difficult year after year, the wisest trade this week involved the number 1 ranked team on WiserFans.com: the Washington Capitals. Washington acquired (now former) St. Louis Blues’ defenseman, Kevin Shattenkirk.

The Trade

Washington Capitals Acquire: - D Kevin Shattenkirk St.

Analysis - Pittsburgh Penguins

Earlier in the season, the Pittsburgh Penguins were ranked much lower in the Wiser Rankings than people were expecting. The Penguins were playing good hockey but were not performing at the elite level that many would have expected from a team of their caliber. However, things have changed over the last few weeks and

Analysis - Tampa Bay Lightning

The Tampa Bay Lightning have not looked like the team that made the conference finals a year ago. The Lightning have a mediocre record of 27-25-8 this season and have struggled to put together a meaningful winning streak. Though they are still in striking distance of a playoff spot, they will need to increase their

Boston Bruins’ David Pastrnak has enjoyed a fine breakout season in the 2016-2017 campaign. The 20-year-old Czech Republican has already amassed career-highs in all offensive categories and finds himself ranked 6th in Wiser Fans’ player rankings.

Career Year

The Right Winger is looking to stay red-hot as

The Amazing Brent Burns

He is one of the most recognizable faces in the NHL. He strikes fear into the hearts of opposing teams, rivaling fans and anyone else rooting against him. He is one of the best personalities this game has to offer. Ladies and gentleman, I give you ‘The Amazing Brent Burns!’

The Past 5 Seasons

Since the 2013 lockout-shortened

Analysis - Detroit Red Wings

It’s been a very disappointing final season in the Joe Louis Arena for the Detroit Red Wings this year. The Red Wings are 22-25-10, are last in the Eastern Conference, and have not shown many positive signs. They rank 26th in Goals For and Goals Against. Their power play percentage is last in the league and their penalty

Analysis - Columbus Blue Jackets

The Columbus Blue Jackets have been one of the biggest surprises in the NHL this year. The Blue Jackets had a 16-game winning streak earlier in the season and fell one win short of the NHL record previously held by the Pittsburgh Penguins. Sergei Bobrovsky has finally proved that he is able to be a dominant goaltender

Is Claude Julien an analytics treasure?

It sure seems like winning hockey games might not have been part of the New Year’s resolutions set by the Montreal Canadiens. Between the beginning of 2017 and their game today, the Canadiens have won 9 out of the 21 games they have played, resulting in a dismal 42.9 win percentage (for reference, the red

St. Louis Blues

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for the St. Louis Blues so far this season. After putting up a 26-15-3 record last season with a 2.35 GAA and 0.920 SV%, Jake Allen looked to be the young goaltender the Blues would rely on going forward. Nope, Jake Allen ended up struggling mightily this year posting an under .900 GAA for most of

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